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Our Story

At guest river griffons  we have been  raising two females Griffons for the past two years to breed with a  4 year old male griffon.   It started with my Dad, who is recently departed,  having a dream for my wife and me.  After two trips to Colorado to buy the pups and fly them home and several thousand dollars later here we are ready to breed our first litters.  We are ready to enhance and better the Breed.

Daily runs on a half mile drag strip, regular hunting trips and great nutrition keep our dogs in phenomenal shape.   Each dog with their own unique personality and traits that make them different but, in a way, the same.  These dogs will add hours of endless enjoyment and years to your lives.  

We have a great trainer named Leon Watson who has over 40 years of dog training experience and there is nothing better than to send your griff to him for training .   Just let me know and I will hook you up with him.   He is the dog whisperer and has helped us become successful with our methods.  

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