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Policies and Procedures

(PLEASE NOTE: This breed is not for you if you live in an apartment or condo.)

hunting dog

What you can expect from Guest River Griffons:

  • I take pride in having an extremely ethical and moral business

  • I provide my customers with as much knowledge they need to make informed decisions

  • Photos of pups at different stages will be available upon request

  • Clean and modern facilities 

  • A full one year health guarantee for genetic issues (up to $1,800, which is a full refund)

  • Health documents and pedigrees of each Dam/Sire available upon request

  • Personal delivery service available (reasonable fee) to TriCities airport.  Hand carried, not shipped.

  • Fully vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped

  • Daily Socialization with people and dogs of all ages

  • Plenty of toys, textures, sounds and other environmental exposures for stimulation

  • Dew-claws removed and tails docked

  • AKC registered

  • NAVHDA pre-registered

  • Your pup will be your choice if not satisfied you can wait til next litte

  • I charge $1,800 for my pups which includes a $1000 deposit.  Pup selection is based on deposit order. 

  • If Breeding rights are required there will be an extra $200 fee/  Although I may have numerous deposits at any given time, not all of them are necessarily for the "next" litter.  Depending on how many pups I get, the gender of the pups, and other factors, some buyers choose to "roll-over" their deposit to future litters, so don't be intimidated.

  • If you choose to place a deposit and I can’t accommodate you with the gender of your choice within 6 months, then I will give you a full refund or you can choose to roll the deposit to a future litter which will put you near the top of pup selection for that litter.  If you simply decide you no longer want a pup, I will keep your deposit.

  • Pup selection will be based on a first come first serve basis in the order of deposits received, however, I don’t allow specific pup selection until the pups are at least 5-6 weeks old.  This will allow the pups individual personalities, coat type, and hunting interest to be better identified.  I do not assign pups.  Buyers select them!

  • Deposits can be made via PayPal. Please include your name, address, phone, email and gender preference with your deposit.  Deposits are nonrefundable.  PLease make sure you are serious before placing your deposit.

  • If you pay by check, make it payable to Guest River Griffons, LLC and mail to the address on my contact page.  Once you advise me that "the check is in the mail", I will lock in your deposit spot on the list.

  • If you pay via PayPal or Credit card, please add 3% for the fees. Call me with the credit card number, or send via PayPal to

My contract can be viewed below.

I look forward to working with you!

- Mark



This puppy is a happy, healthy companion animal.  The puppy is in excellent health and is being placed, first and foremost, as a family house pet and companion.  The puppy should be seen by a licensed veterinarian as soon as reasonable (when 12 week old vaccinations are due) after purchase to confirm soundness, general good health and overall fitness.  If by virtue of that examination, the pup is not found to be in good health as described, the puppy may be returned to Guest River Griffons for a full refund. Guest River Griffons assumes absolutely no responsibility for fees associated with caring for the puppy.


No guarantees/warranties beyond basic good health as stated above are expressed or implied.  If the pup is found to have any genetic health issues within 1 year of birth, the new owner may return the pup for a full refund.    


Guest River Griffons expects that new owners have researched the breed carefully, understand the potential expenses of animal ownership, and are cognizant that keeping animals involves assuming certain risks.  Hip issues, elbow issues and other problems can and do show up in the best of pedigrees, demanding difficult choices for owners.  For this transaction and its beyond, these risks, choices and any related undertakings, are the sole responsibility of the new owner.


The new owner is advised that Guest River Griffons will not be held responsible for matters beyond Guest River Griffons’ direct control once the puppy leaves the property.  The new owner is encouraged to further seek the guidance of qualified professionals to assist in the training and development process for the optimum outcome of their project, in particular, when introducing the sound of gunfire for hunting prospects.


The new owner assumes financial responsibility for the puppy upon receipt.  Veterinary care to be provided as needed, including vaccinations.  See the basic care instruction information in your puppy packet.  For frequently occurring puppy issues, (which include, but are not limited to: coccidian, giardia, roundworms, ticks, fleas, localized dermodex, as well as pertinent health facts of any health clearances that may be obtained such as eye, heart, hip, elbow, etc) should be reported to Guest River  Griffons to continue to improve this line.


The new owner is encouraged, if this puppy is not going to be shown or used in a well-considered breeding program, to consult with their veterinarian about the best age to alter this puppy to prevent any unplanned mother/fatherhood on his/her part and out of consideration for his/her comfort and lifelong well-being as a pet.


This transfer is final upon acceptance of the puppy unless the new owner is returning the pup as described above.  Return transportation charges, if any, are at the new owner’s expense.  By definition, if the new owner keeps and holds the puppy as his/her own in excess of 5 days, regardless of circumstances, the presumption is made that the new owner accepts the puppy “as is” and the transfer is final.  AKC registration forms have been provided.  There is a small AKC processing fee for registering your puppy.


If, for any reason, after this transfer is final, the new owner cannot keep this puppy Guest River Griffons may accept the puppy/adult as a return on a surrender basis as long as registration documents and any transportation charges are prepaid.  Guest River Griffons, in the case of surrender, will place the puppy/adult in the best home or keep the puppy/adult as their own.


Special clause for HOLD HARMLESS between the parties one to the other: Each party agrees to a hold harmless provision for this transaction and its beyond and neither will bring any kind of suit or action against the other or allow their condition or testimony to further any other suit or action against the other.  Penalty for failure to hold harmless is equal to the purchase price of the puppy.


Puppy Name: ____________________________

Date of Birth: ____________________________

Microchip #: _____________________________                              

AKC#: ____________________________________


Species: Dog                Breed: Wirehaired Pointing Griffon                Gender: M/F               Color: Chestnut & Gray (307)



DATE: ____________________

Signed by New Owner: ________________________________






Guest River Griffons, LLC

Mark Lunsford


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